Kvalita života evropské populace nad padesát let

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Název práce:
Kvalita života evropské populace nad padesát let
Autor práce:
Svobodová, Veronika
Typ práce:
Diplomová práce / info:eu-repo/semantics/masterThesis
Vedoucí práce:
Malá, Ivana
Osoba oponující práci:
Miskolczi, Martina
Jazyk práce:
This master thesis deals with research of Subjective Quality of Life for population fifty years old or more, depending on the selected demographic, social and economic indicators. More and more people live to the older ages, and thus important question of living conditions and well being of this ageing population comes forward. General concept of Quality of Life of older people is described on wide theoretical scale with focus on the cause of the phenomenon, Demographic Ageing of populations. The Demographic Ageing is described not only on the theoretical level, but also in a quantitative way. There are specific fertility rates introduced according to an age of a mother while birth giving, or still increasing Life Expectancy at Birth for both males and females. To explore the dependencies of Subjective Quality of Life on selected indicators, there is a statistical model introduced. The input indicators come from the European panel data research Survey of Health, Ageing and Retirement in Europe. Techniques used for analyzing the data are Analysis of variance for one single wave (held around year 2013) and Panel data analysis for all available waves (from 2004 to 2013). The results from both analyses for the Czech Republic are compared with results for selected countries, Germany, Sweden, Spain, Italy and Greece. From the SHARE data set can be read the following results. The variable Age significantly influences all included models for all selected countries, the similar influence can be observed for the Education. For almost all countries and models is proving of the significant influence of Gender to Subjective Quality of Life indefinite (we are not able to observe significant influence). Also the influence of the variable Living alone/with other people is not perfectly convincing. On the other hand, significantly observable categories are Unemployed and Permanently sick or disabled. The question of Quality of Life is related to all parts of population. While the number of older people in population increases, this question of the quality of their lives becomes more and more important. The way how to secure those needed, powerless and often vulnerable people in a decent way and with dignity is not easy.
Klíčová slova:
Panel Data Analysis; Quality of Life; SHARE; Demographic Ageing of Population

Informace o studiu

Studijní program a Studijní obor:
Kvantitativní metody v ekonomice/Ekonomická demografie
Typ studijního programu:
Magisterský navazující studijní program
Jméno přidělované hodnosti:
Instituce přidělující hodnost:
University of Economics, Prague
Název fakulty:
Faculty of Informatics and Statistics
Název katedry:
Department of Statistics and Probability
Instituce archivující a zpřístupňující VŠKP:
University of Economics, Prague

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Datum zadání práce:
29. 2. 2016
Datum podání práce:
10. 5. 2017
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