Identification and management of knowledge gaps across ITIL services

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Identification and management of knowledge gaps across ITIL services
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Diplomová práce / info:eu-repo/semantics/masterThesis
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Potančok, Martin
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Bruckner, Tomáš
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Knowledge management offers a wide range of benefits such as improving the collaboration between teams, divisions and hubs. It also increases employee and service productivity, helps develop knowledge for future research as well as increases customer satisfaction. This is especially true when it brings to enterprise organizations the ability to control, share, update, reuse and benefit from this knowledge. It also helps to understand the existing knowledge gaps and implement solutions to reduce the level of impact on the current and future operations of the organization. For the purpose of anonymity, the name of the organization where the research study was performed is blinded and will be referred to as Telecom company XYZ. To maintain the privacy of the given company the profile will be described just very briefly so there is no chance it can be identified.The main objective of this diploma thesis is an evaluation of the current state of the ITIL service management processes using ITIL 2007 edition (previously known as ITIL Version 3) in a given Telecom company XYZ. It should be noted that ITIL 2007 Edition is the one predominately used in most companies today. There is a newer version ITIL 4 Edition that was just released in February 2019. Companies are still assessing improvements and changes but regardless the work completed for this thesis remains relevant. The goal is to identify the areas for improvement for extending the value of ITIL service management processes by using the knowledge mapping concept and knowledge mapping tool and techniques. To identify the areas for improvement, a knowledge gap analysis will be performed. It will help companies understand the importance of establishing a knowledge mapping process as a continuous process that allows a company to manage and control the knowledge gaps inside IT services of Telecom company XYZ that operates based on ITIL 2007 edition framework. The goal will be to identify the knowledge gaps across ITIL services, to demonstrate the examples of knowledge gaps that were identified and the proposal to eliminate them.
Klíčová slova:
Knowledge Mapping; Service; Process; ITIL processes; Knowledge; KM; Knowledge management; Knowledge gap; Knowledge management process; Knowledge Mapping process; Knowledge mapping tool; Knowledge map; Knowledge Asset; Critical Knowledge; ITIL

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Aplikovaná informatika/Information Systems Management
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Magisterský navazující studijní program
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University of Economics, Prague
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Faculty of Informatics and Statistics
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Department of Information Technologies
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University of Economics, Prague

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31. 10. 2017
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29. 6. 2019
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