The Slovak pension reform

Thesis title: The Slovak pension reform
Subtitle: Modeling the Slovak and Czech economy with the Overlapping-generations general-equilibrium model
Author: Mistríková, Diana
Thesis type: Diploma thesis
Supervisor: Janáček, Kamil
Thesis language: English
The first part of the thesis describes the history of the Slovak pension scheme until its recent reform, within an international context. The second half of the paper is split into two parts, first one devoted to the macroeconomic and microeconomic analysis of the Slovak republic with respect to the ageing population. The second part analyses the Czech case. In both cases I applied the one-country General Equilibrium Overlapping Generations Model (OLG). I show the impact of a changing population structure on the respective economies in the long run and how the possible reform scenarios (PAYG, Defined Contribution and Fully-Funded system) would alter these results.

Information about study

Study programme: Hospodářská politika a správa/Národní hospodářství
Type of study programme: Magisterský studijní program
Assigned degree: Ing.
Institutions assigning academic degree: Vysoká škola ekonomická v Praze
Faculty: Faculty of Economics
Department: Department of Economic Policy

Information on submission and defense

Date of assignment: -
Date of submission: -
Date of defense: 2006

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