Software support for personalized document creation

Thesis title: Software support for personalized document creation
Author: Balogh, István
Thesis type: Diploma thesis
Supervisor: Lukašovská, Renáta
Opponents: Jambrich, Matej
Thesis language: English
Communication trough documents have become a key element in every company?s life, communication channels expanded to include not just print but fax, web and email. Marketing and market studies repeatedly show that personalized documents (delivered through these channels) can positively influence customer relationship hereby help to achieve business success. For IT companies these changes created an exciting new opportunity to develop new solutions and offer new services. There are several companies on the market of personalized document creation which offering high quality product and services. Therefore it might not be easy to make the right choice, to find the most fitting solution and the best vendor. The main objective of this thesis is to provide detailed information about personalized document creation in general and to introduce the market leading vendors and their technology.
Keywords: Database publishing; Variable Data Printing; VDP; Document personalization

Information about study

Study programme: Aplikovaná informatika/Informatika
Type of study programme: Magisterský studijní program
Assigned degree: Ing.
Institutions assigning academic degree: Vysoká škola ekonomická v Praze
Faculty: Faculty of Informatics and Statistics
Department: Department of Information Technologies

Information on submission and defense

Date of assignment: 29. 4. 2007
Date of submission: 1. 6. 2007
Date of defense: 13. 6. 2007
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